May 15th, 2020 - Friday -  a lot of migrants.

The ongoing good migration may have become even stronger, with more of the 
mid-season species of May, & some of the later-season migrants also starting to 
show.  At least 4 (FOUR) RED-HEADED WOODPECKERS moved across from the north 
side viewpoint of Sheep Meadow at first-light on Friday, & at least one of 
those went into the Ramble, with others poss. moving on to the north.  (The 
West 98th St. Red-headed may have moved on though).  There were at least 29 
American Warbler species, plus Yellow-bresated Chat, in Manhattan & N.Y. County 
seen by as early as noon on Friday; some of the individual birds are new 
arrivals, while there are also lingerers such as a Kentucky and a 
Yellow-throated Warbler in Central Park.  There are at least 5 vireo species & 
at least 5 Catharus [genus] Thrush spp. for Manhattan & N.Y. County.  An early 
visit to Randall’s Island (part of N.Y. County) yielded almost 90 species, 
including an unexpected fly-by CASPIAN TERN, going west & passing through both 
n.-w. Queens County, & then over Manhattan island in the neighborhood of 
Harlem.  Bobolink (on the deck) was also a nice species at Randall’s for the 
a.m. visit. At least one male SUMMER TANAGER was in a group of Scarlet Tanagers 
at the area of Randall’s Island a bit north of the stadium, and west of the 
golf-center entry area (which is now closed).  There were also many warblers of 
many species on Randall’s Island, with a nice showing of Yellow-rumped [Myrtle] 
Warblers to work through.

Many smaller parks & greenspaces in Manhattan were providing observers with 
views of all sorts of migrants, some species in good numbers & also some 
less-common migrants, plus a few late lingerers as well as such later-moving 
species as MOURNING & Tennessee Warblers.  Bay-breasted Warblers are now well 
into double-digit no’s. in Manhattan parks.  There are at least 4 Manhattan 
parks OTHER than Central which have had twenty or more warbler species on the 

Many, many more highlights - BOTH spp. of Cuckoo, multiple flycatcher species, 
multiple shorebird species, etc. & etc. - a further set of reports at some 
point.  Thanks to the hundred+ observers out & about in so many locations. 

masked/ ‘distanced’/ ready to observe birds.

Tom Fiore,

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