Late this morning I made a stop along the southwest side of “Eastport Meadows” 
a large Town of Brookhaven open space parcel south of Sunrise Highway, North of 
Montauk Highway. The Eastport Athletic Complex is in the northeast corner for 

In a section of open woods I found a black and white warbler and several 
woodpeckers  While bushwhacking through pine scrub forest I stumbled upon an 
eastern towhee nest. 

The open successional forest held an eastern meadowlark, more towhees and 
singing prairie warblers. 

I then walked a bit of the dirt road under the LIPA wires and had dozens of 
cedar waxwings taking turns drinking from puddles, a screeching red-tailed 
hawk, a hummingbird flitting around Oak trees, several blue winged warblers, 
yellow warblers and American redstarts.

I’d imagine early morning under the right conditions would yield an even better 
array of birds. Ironically, when I got home to my suburban yard my wife called 
me over to look at a “red bird with black wings”. It’s the first scarlet 
tanager I’ve ever seen after all my years looking. 


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