Hi All,
Ken Chaya texted that he found a KEWA at the Riverside "Drip" ten
minutes ago (~ 7pm).  The Drip is the water source just south of the tennis
courts and west of the "Forever Wild" path, at the latitude of ~119th St.
Views are from the lower paved path that ends at the tennis court entrance,
and you will be looking East.

Map coordinates: https://www.google.com/maps/@40.8106197,-73.9669284,18z

He said that the bird disappeared and made another brief visit a few
minutes later, so if you're in the immediate neighborhood, it might be
worth a twitch.

Overall, Riverside was fairly quiet today, but I spent almost two hours
there this afternoon and tallied 10 warbler species, including 3
Bay-breasteds and a female Cape May.  Most were high in the canopy, and not
at the Drip.

Stay safe, everyone.

Karen Fung


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