Thank you, Doug, for the info.
As a matter of fact, I have seen them sitting on the beach on few occasions but 
I have never seen them going on to have any fledglings. (My personal 
experience). And just three weeks ago, I saw one sitting and when it saw me, it 
ran away. When I checked the spot, there was no eggs.
I put photos here:

I thought this bird will end up in Dead Horse Point, across the water, where I 
have witnessed two successful nests (with at least one offspring reaching 
adulthood) in the last three years. 
Eventually the bird built a nest on another spot of the same beach as we can 

The fact that, they were not successful in the last 5 years suggests that 
off-leash dogs problems got much worse (and this also my personal experience). 
And the fact that they are building a nest this year suggests that social 
distancing and stay-at-home policies are helping them.

Maybe, if the NPS will extend the protection to a wider section of the beach 
and ban dogs completely from the far eat end of the beach might bring more 
birds to nest here. We might even see Piping Plovers nesting here. This would 
be my dream and I believe many other birders' dreams.


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 ---- On Wed, 20 May 2020 21:44:28 -0400 Doug Gochfeld <> 
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 > For the record, American Oystercatcher has nested at this site annually for 
 > the past 5 years or more, with the nest typically being right in the area 
 > Gus described.
 > Here is a checklist with photos (by Bobbi Manian) of two recently hatched 
 > young from this site in 2015:
 > It is most excellent that they’ll have some protection for the nest this 
 > year. 
 > That said, the post-hatching stage seems to be the especially problematic 
 > period of time at this site, as I don’t know that any of these successfully 
 > hatched chicks have made it to the point of fledging/flight.
 > Good BirdingDoug Gochfeld. Brooklyn, NY.
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 > I know we are not supposed to reveal nesting locations but I think everyone 
 > who is going to visit Plumb beach should be aware of this one. I have never 
 > seen a nest in this place which is not protected and have many people and 
 > dogs roaming the beach. 
 > Today, I found an Oystercatcher nest in a very open area where birders walk 
 > sometimes. I know because I walked this area many time before, particularly, 
 > in search of Sparrows. And it is very easy for any one to step over the eggs 
 > accidently.
 > The nest is located at the far east end, near the large wooden board. I 
 > posted few photos on my eBird list to make it easy to find the nest.
 > You can see them here:
 > Unfortunately, nothing can be done about off-leash dogs which is a common 
 > problem in this place. Although, for some reason, I have not run into any 
 > dogs during my last two visits. I don't know if the social distancing 
 > secondary to the Coronavirus has any thing to do with.
 > I have a reason to believe that social distancing and stay-at-home policy 
 > have allowed for the Oystercatchers to build a nest on this beach.
 > So, please, If you are planning to go to Plumb beach, watch your steps.
 > Gus Keri
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