Because of early morning fog, a heads up on the radar from C. Roberto, and the 
delay in migration I’ve been hearing about, I headed to the CPP nature center 
early this morning.  It‘s just off the river with a good mix of trees including 
many oaks and in the past fog has yielded some nice drop-ins.  Joined by K Lamb 
we were treated (distanced) to 14 species of wood warblers (many migrants) 
including multiples of Bay Breasted, Canada, Magnolia, Blackpoll, Chestnut 
sided, BTGW, and Black and white. Also a Blackburnian and a BTBW.  Also a good 
mix of other species. 

There are also bobolinks on the main and secondary landfills (less it seems 
than when they first arrived earlier this month because injudicious and 
indiscriminate mowing practices), and grasshopper sparrow has been seen and 
heard. Finally, I was lucky enough a few days ago to have the first reported 
sighting at CPP of yellow crowned night heron in 20+ years (and the first 
recorded on ebird from the park).  

L. Trachtenberg 
Ossining, NY 

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