As of 23 May, the Town of Southampton has amended it’s parking rules, requiring 
a Current Resident Only Parking Permit for all town beaches and Trustee Roads.  
This rule is in effect 7 days a week, with no exception, regardless of the lot 
attendants being present or not.  This is a major change from all previous 
years, and is in effect from 9AM - 9PM.  All Town beaches along the ocean, 
Shinnecock Bay, and Peconic Bay, and beach access roads - any beach road which 
has signs posted -  included.  No Day Permits or Non-Resident Permits are being 
issued at this time.  Code Enforcement Officers are patrolling the area.

More information is available on the Town of Southampton web site, under Parks 
and Recreation.  Cupsogue and the Westhampton Dunes Overlook are not affected, 
however, Pikes, Tiana, and Town of Southampton parts of Shinnecock West are.

Eileen Schwinn
For Eastern Long Island Audubon Society

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