While I am unsure why Patrick posted this to the entire group, I thought that I 
would quickly address a few things he brought up:
The refuge workers are working from home, short staffed, and limited budget, so 
signage probably will not be going up any time soon.
Has any one been to a Federal Refuge where there was signage delineating 
county/state borders? 

Patrick, I spoke to you once, in the rain, at the platform, and responded to 
your crane questions. I told you that I was in a rush to leave to get my 
birding equipment into my car.I was doing a breeding bird survey this past 
weekend, so was not able to talk. 
 The consensus is that the cranes probably had two failed nesting/raising young 
attempts.  Not to beat a dead horse, but it has been explained that many local 
birders were 
hopeful that the crane pair would be successful,and did not want to broadcast 
it to the public- last year's fiasco has also been explained 
(Birder/photographers traipsing through farmer's private property on the 
refuge's access lane, causing farmers to complain and ask to refuge to shut 
down the Liberty Lane access Rd north of Oil City Rd.Birder photographers were 
also traipsing through marsh/ closed trails to get closer photos *on a daily 
basis*.  MANY volunteers had to monitor the nest.
The cranes were still reported and information was accessible on ebird.  

The Wallkill River NWR is a wonderful place to bird!

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Greetings to all concerned about being accurate.i am one of the naive ebird 
posters who added both state's birds to my atlas report.that has since been 
corrected and is accurate to the best of my ability.regarding the volunteer I 
had spoken with not once but twice,it should be pointed out to her and maybe 
others as well that if you see a person in the loop with birding gear and 
strike up a conversation on let's say...the sandhill cranes,which was the 
case,and the unfamiliar individual let's you know he or she is an active ebird 
contributor maybe you should make it a point of telling them (as was the case 
in your telling me all the good things you do for the cote/crane security work) 
that there is another state that takes up the majority of the actual loop 
side.you cant say your a big bird atlas contributor who strives for accuracy's 
and miss not one but 2 opportunitys to point this out about a stateline,then 
complain about there listings later to someone else or others.and why all the 
secrecy about the cranes.you took the time to ask not to post any sightings on 
them a pair that's been there at least 2 years during breeding season? and 
thats why I added the cranes to my n.j. list so maybe others may come to see 
them(I was going to omit them but for the sake of accuracy I didn't),and maybe 
a least bittern.also on new jerseys side btw.i hope the signs I suggested to 
Linda on her facebook New York birder post will be going up asap.i know I can 
get animated when talking to people birding in my backyard if they have the 
misfortune of stopping me(borderline overbearing) but I do try to give as much 
information as possible,for the sake of those who are and were in the past 
helpful to me.so thank you linda and bruce two nice people I was fortunate to 
meet up in the loop.it was a great place to bird,and why I returned saturday 
morning for more great birding.

                                     Regard's,patrick h                         
               Bronx county 

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