We have two credible reports of CHUCK-WILLS-WIDOW from the Town of Athens
and 5 miles away in the Town of Coxsackie, The Greene County.

The first was heard briefly last Tuesday evening and not since. The other
was being heard that evening as well as each evening up to Friday (maybe
Sunday morning at 4:30 AM ).

The homeowner got a clear recording of the second bird during one of those

The birds were heard (and seen) from the roadway on Mountain View Road, off
County Rt. 61, which is just north of State Highway 81 in the Town of
Coxsackie, west of Rt. 9-W and the NYS Thruway.

There are very few houses along this dead-end road and the few homeowners
are ok with birders coming to try for the bird. The bird seemed to start
the evening out down by the cul-de-sac, then working west to the area of
the county road. The apparent 4:30 AM report was from a nearby home along
Rt 61.

[I am told that there is an intimidating looking, but somewhat friendly,
German Shepherd in one of the houses, that might come out to check on
people. He is said to not like other dogs. ]

Rich Guthrie
New Baltimore
The Greene County
New York

Richard Guthrie


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