There is a Martin house at Rockwood Hall, Westchester County, that is 
attracting Purple Martins! AFAIK this is only the second one in Westchester, 
after Croton Point Park. It is at 41.111839, -73.865339. This spot has 
always-free parking and an easy walk. Even better, there is an occupied 
Bluebird box at the same spot, and one of the martin "apartments" is occupied 
by a Tree Swallow. I've posted some photos to the NY Birders facebook page.

There are two good places to park at Rockwood Hall. The closer one for the 
martin house is the southern, at 41.111179, -73.862094. The northern is at 
41.118027, -73.863211. Both get crowded on nice weekend days, so get there 
early or after 5:00.

(So just to reemphasize, when giving directions to a place in Rockwood Hall, 
you always have to specify which parking area you are referring to.)

Bob Lewis


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