I made the pilgrimage this morning to Twin Lakes, near Wantaugh, Nassau County, 
for the oft-reported Purple Gallinule. This time I had good luck, as someone 
was already on the bird when I arrived. June 28. (I spent more than two hours 
there Thursday afternoon with no success.) The bird hugs the west shore between 
about Ryder Place and the little entrance gate, which is a couple hundred feet 
north of Ryder. There is plenty of easy free parking. It can be VERY hard to 
find. It is VERY hard to get decent photos. I've posted two photos on the New 
York Birders facebook page.

I'm sorry that my post here around 7:30am caused confusion.  I wanted to get 
the word out quickly to those who may have already been there at some other 
spot on the lake.

Don't do what I did on Thursday: spend most of your time scanning out over the 
lake hoping to see the bird hopping around on the lily pads or flying over the 
lake.  In my experience and those I've talked to, the bird spends all its time 
hugging the shore, walking through the thick branches within ten-twenty feet of 
the path.  It really helps to have several pairs of eyes searching.  Even then 
it disappears for long stretches.  It occasionally calls.

Bob Lewis
Sleepy Hollow NY



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