I forwarded this to NPS.  Hopefully they can get out there this year to help 
this pair.



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Hi everyone,

I hesitated before I wrote this email because I was not sure if this poor 
creature can be helped. Last year, I wrote similar email but it didn't help. I 
am hoping this time, things will be different.

Last week, I found an Oystercatcher nest on Plumb beach with two eggs and the 
parent kept getting flushed by the many people and dogs that roam this beach. 
There was two eggs in the nest. I only mentioned this issue to few birders who 
were there at the time, but I didn't have high hope that this nest will survive 
this God-forsaken place.

Two days ago, I went there again and to my pleasant surprise, I found the nest 
still intact and there were three eggs instead of two. But again, the people 
and dogs kept flushing this poor Oystercatcher away from the nest every few 

And while walking there, I noticed a man approaching the same area, not knowing 
there was a nest. I had to run to him and alert him to the presence of the 
nest, so he wouldn't step on the eggs accidently.

Last year, the park (or beach) authority promised to do something to protect 
the nest but they were late and the nest was destroyed in the following couple 
of days. I am sorry I don't remember the person who communicated with them then.

Can they do something to help this nest now?

Here is video I shot of the bird getting back to the nest and sitting on the 

Gus Keri


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