Had a funny experience today along the Taconic Parkway.  As I was nearing the 
northbound exit 8 I saw just above car level and along the side of the road a 
bird flying parallel to me that I at first thought was a white-winged dove.  It 
had the swift flight of a dove and was about the right size, but as I neared it 
and started to pass it It turned out to be a cockatiel!  Go figure.  It had the 
ancestral plumage with the white wing patches which is what through me off.  So 
if anyone in the Millwood area is missing a cockatiel, it was last seen flying 
north at exit 8 of the parkway:-)
Andrew v. F. Block
Consulting Naturalist
20 Hancock Avenue, Apt. 3
Yonkers, Westchester Co., New York 10705-4780 

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