Just very briefly, a minimum of 24 species of American warblers were seen, by 
many observers, throughout Manhattan (in N.Y. City) and of those two-dozen 
species at least 22 warbler spp. were found in Central Park on Monday, Sept. 
20th, with at least 19 of those in the Ramble -& vicinity- with thanks to the 
many keen-eyed & patient observers out & about, through the day.  Some of the 
species may be considered slightly ‘late’ by now, such as Blue-winged & Canada 
Warblers (both seen in the low-multiple).  There also continue to be fairly 
high numbers & variety of species (including many other migrants) in the 
smaller parks & green-spaces of Manhattan as well as on the outlying-islands in 
N.Y. County in N.Y. City.  A Blue Grosbeak was again seen and photo-documented 
on Governors Island, with a Dickcissel also at least being heard and possibly 
seen at times on Monday.  Also, the Common Nighthawk ‘show' is not at all over, 
for the area and for Manhattan.  It’s a 'sign of the season' too, that more 
Y.-b. Sapsuckers were found, even in small greenspaces, along with other 
starting-of-autumn sightings, around Manhattan.

good birding to all,

Tom Fiore


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