Small game and beginning with Snow Goose, waterfowl hunting season starts
tomorrow, Oct. 1st.

Despite objections, duck hunting and deer hunting are permitted on the
Coxsackie Grasslands. The persuading argument put up was that there's no
evidence that birders are discouraged from entering the grounds even though
the posting signs indicate that hunters may be present.

At the Coxsackie Grasslands, the duck season runs from Oct. 16 through Nov.
28th, and Dec. 4th through Dec. 10th. The second season elsewhere in the
southeastern zone runs through Dec. 19th.

So, be aware that at the Coxsackie Grasslands, duck hunting is permitted
up to 3 hours after sunrise and then from 3 hours before sunset. And, deer
hunting  is permitted in the deer season.  For December, the permitted
hunting hours would be up to apx. 10 AM and after apx. 1:30 PM. Hunting
will also be permitted through December 10th, and during the week of Dec.
26th through Jan. 1st.

Plan and dress accordingly.

Rich Guthrie
Richard Guthrie


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