A nice sighting for Monroe County, NY on 4/14 was a (photographed) Western 
Tanager, with the photos strongly sugesstive of a male. The sighting is 
confirmed in eBird’s statewide RBA.

- - - -
New York County (in N.Y. City), including Manhattan, Randall’s Island, & 
Governors Island
Wed., 4/13 and Thursday, 4/14:

Some of highlights from Randall’s Island on Thursday included a flyover 
Bonaparte’s Gull, Green Heron (not quite a first-of-season for the county, but 
possibly among first-photo’d.; other Green Herons have been in a few other 
locations), and E. Bluebird, seen as a flyover moving on.  Also seen there were 
a small group of Rusty Blackbirds moving.  Rusty Blackbird has been showing in 
a few sites, including Central Park and Inwood Hill Park. 

A singing male Hooded Warbler was found in Central Park’s southeast sector on 
Wed., 4/13 - it was on the move somewhat, and may have moved on, but could 
easily stick to some areas in that portion of the park. (The male Hooded was 
photo’d. and video’d, and at least one photo-series is in an ebird checklist.)  
 Black-and-white Warblers have shown in a couple of locations in Manhattan, but 
just sparsely, so far.

An Orange-crowned Warbler (likely one that had overwintered) was again found on 
Governors Island, by Liggett Terrace (thanks to G. Willow for latest obs., on 
Wed., 4/13), and there was also (again, may well have wintered in the area) an 
Orange-crowned Warbler at the southern end of Battery Park City park. Those 
being (likely) two of at least 3 Orange-crowneds that fully-wintered in New 
York County and were all still present into spring’s official arrival - that 
’third’ of the 3 being the ongoing Orange-crowned on Randall’s Island, seen 
singing on Thursday 4/14.

At least 1 Northern Waterthrush was well-documented (including crisp, close 
photos as well as solid textual description of what was observed, including 
some of the characteristic tail-bobbing which is inherently-different on the 2 
waterthrush species (although that feature only is not recommended as the 
*sole* means of determining species, between the 2 waterthrush species…) in 
Central Park, but the latter in the n.-w. sector of the park - where Louisiana 
Waterthrush also was in the same general area (and in other parts of same park 
& elsewhere in the county).  There have been a few *reports* from some other 
areas as well, of N. Waterthrush, just-lately.   Pine and Palm Warblers were 
the more numerous of all warbler spp. over many locations in the 2 days of this 
report, while multiple [Myrtle} Yellow-rumped Warblers have been seen but 
hardly in numbers that should begin to appear for the latter.

By Thursday, 4/14, an early Prairie Warbler was added to the list of warblers 
having arrived in N.Y. County, with one male showing at Inwood Hill Park’s 
n.-e. area of woods, east of “the Clove” and not re-found on a 2nd pass later 
in same day.  When seen in the morning it was singing a little.  Just as a 
refresher, the warbler species recorded for the county so far this season 
include:  Northern Waterthrush, Louisiana Waterthrush, Blue-winged Warbler, 
Orange-crowned Warbler, [Myrtle] Yellow-rumped Warbler, Yellow-throated 
Warbler, Pine Warbler, Prairie Warbler, Palm Warbler, Black-and-white Warbler, 
and Hooded Warbler.  (The recent Yellow-throated Warbler of Central Park was 
not reported, it seems, since 4/12.  The Blue-winged and Prairie Warbler[s] are 
each rather early, for the county and for the region.)   Some other warbler 
spp. have begun to appear elsewhere in N.Y. City and adjacent counties.

Not noted much (yet), the first of Chimney Swifts have passed through N.Y. 
County (and a few also well-beyond) as of 4/13. There are also a few other 
species (of migratory birds) that may be mentioned in a further report, at some 
point, having passed thru on the same day.  And at least 5 spp. of shorebirds 
were seen in N.Y. County over 4/13 & 4/14 combined, including Spotted and 
Solitary Sandpipers, Wilson’s Snipe, American Woodcock, and Killdeer. 

Purple Finch made appearances in several parks & areas within those larger 
parks (including Central, and Inwood Hill). Red-breasted Nuthatches have also 
shown in a couple of (those, & other) parks and greenspaces in the last 2 days. 
 A Wild Turkey has [re]appeared in a location where that species has shown many 
times in the past. Unironically, there happened to be numbers of Turkey 
Vultures seen from the same general area of the turkey’s observation- those 
vultures were all in-flight, however.

Many, many other migrants and resident species have been seen, besides the 
above in N.Y. County and some may be noted in a forthcoming report.

. . .
Insects were starting to respond further to the sudden-surge in warmth by 
especially Thursday, and even on Wed., 4/13, a Common Green Darner (Anax 
junius), a very familiar large dragonfly species which can be migratory, was 
seen in Central Park. A wide variety of other insect and arthropod life has 
been seen, as well. 

Good Friday, and to many observing also a good and peaceful Passover, and for 
all the holy days for all observing-of, also peace,

and good ongoing spring birding to all,

Tom Fiore


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