New York County (in N.Y. City), including Manhattan, Randall’s Island, and 
Governors Island
EARTH-day Friday, April 22nd:

A nice arrival-day of many more migrant species, invigorating numbers of some 
already having shown in the county, and adding some likely-new for the season 
in the county.

A Prothonotary Warbler was again working the edges of and around “the Pool” 
into the afternoon - as that species (that one male) had been (mostly) for one 
week now, in Central Park’s n.-w. quadrant. Various other warblers in both 
Central Park plus other larger parks (and some in smaller parks and 
green-spaces) also included Blue-winged (multiple), Worm-eating (several), 
Hooded (at least one ongoing in Central Park), Prairie (multiple, including in 
smaller parks in Manhattan), Black-throated Green (multiple), Ovenbird 
(including arrival at Governors Island), N. Parula, and other warbler spp. as 
have been for some weeks. [N.B., ‘multiple’ in these instances may mean 3, or 
more, but sometimes not very-many individuals; these are sightings for all of 
N.Y. County.]

A Greater Yellowlegs (with multiple observers) was a nice addition to sightings 
from Randall’s Island early Friday, 4/22.  And ongoing there, good no’s. of 
Savannah Sparrows, along with various other migrants and visiting or breeding 
species.  That one and other shorebird-sp. also might be watched-for on 
Governors Island, and at a few good sites in northern Manhattan and by chance, 
luck (and skill) at a variety of locations around Manhattan (also possible for 
Roosevelt Island, which is a bit less-noted by most local birders relative to 
other areas within NY County). And more of Yellowlegs should be coming through. 

A fly-by Yellow-crowned Night-Heron was seen from Governors Island (with 
Black-crowned N.-Heron also present, and the latter species also in various 
other county locations.)

Great Crested Flycatcher (with multiple observers) is one of the newly-arrived 
species joining the still-moving E. Phoebes some of which latter also may be 
lingering a while. There were some reports of kingbird and possibly also 
Empidonax [genus of flycatcher], but without details (that I’d seen, so far), 
although Eastern Kingbird is very possible at this date.  

White-eyed Vireo (with multiple observers) was another arrival for Friday, and 
not at an esp.-early date for that species. (A Yellow-thr. Vireo seen earlier 
this spring was very early for that species on arrival.)

Some species showing some modest increases on Friday: Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, 
Yellow-shafted Flicker, Blue-headed Vireo, Barn Swallow, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, 
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Cedar Waxwing, E. Towhee, a number of sparrows (led by 
-as fresh arrivals- yet more Chipping Sparrows), with White-throated Sparrows 
expanding, as expected now, and among the warblers still coming in and through, 
more Palm, many-more Yellow-rumped/Myrtle, and also an obvious uptick of 
Black-and-white Warbler, and Black-throated Green Warbler, as well as (more 
modestly) of both Waterthrush species: notably of more Northerns.  At least a 
*few* more Chimney Swifts also had arrived, & a wider variety of migrant 
species also were either increased (or, some) decreased a bit, from just the 
day prior in the county.  Fun to see at least a few more Black-capped 
Chickadees also pushing thru.  

Purple Finch and Red-breasted Nuthatch also have been seen again (both in low 
no’s).  Many many additional species for the day, and great numbers of 
observers enjoying a crisp-but-getting-mild sunny day.

Good April birds to all,

Tom Fiore


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