Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City - Friday, April 29th:
At least 16 warbler species on the morning, with ongoing highlights of 
Orange-crowned Warbler (lingering in the Ramble) and Blackburnian Warbler again 
Some doves which are rather likely to have been escaped / released locally 
included at least one that some chose to report as a “Eurasian collared” but 
also a pure white dove in its company, adding to the suspicion that these had 
been let go or ‘got away’ from some event or person[s].  Photographic 
documentation may add to or, less-likely refute the suspicion.  There have been 
other releases & escapes of various doves over the years at Central Park.
Thanks as always to the many serious and keen observers adding reports of 
sightings from all of the county in which Manhattan is found.
Good birding to all,
Tom Fiore
N.Y. City


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