I am once again writing to request your help and record Mourning Warbler 
songs from spring migrants.It is year 8 of my research using birdsong to 
study migratory connectivity of Mourning Warbler song populations.Here 
is a link to the latest map with previous years’ results based on 
recordings from over 150 birders.


There is also a link to a spring 2017 National Audubon Society story on 
this research.

Audubon Society reporting


These preliminary results continue to suggest moderate to low 
connectivity during migration with Western breeders separating from the 
rest of the other song populations.Eastern, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland 
song populations travel together along the Appalachian Mountains at 
least into Maine with some birds heading to the Atlantic Coast beginning 
in Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.

All you need is a smartphone with a voice recording app and some 
luck.Videos with recordings are also helpful.The web page link below 
describes the project and how to make recordings on your Smartphone in 
more detail.Please send song recordings to the Mourning Warbler Sound 
Lab (jpitocch AT anselm.edu).


I would really appreciate your help and contributions this year to this 
Citizens Science Project.

Dr. Jay Pitocchelli

Professor Emeritus, Biology Department

Saint Anselm College

Manchester, NH 03102


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