Thanks for sharing this observation. We also noticed flocks of DC Cormorants 
migrating over Long Island yesterday. For me and many others, observing 
different kinds of movements is equally if not more interesting than seeing 
different species.

This morning I saw over 200 White-winged Scoters migrating over the ocean at 
Robert Moses SP, Suffolk County. This evening might be a good opportunity to 
see overland flights of species like White-winged Scoter, as well as Brant and 

There were all kinds of movements at RMSP this morning: DC Cormorants and 
Common Loons migrating eastward; immature gulls (including a Bonaparte's Gull) 
plodding eastward; the first Wilson's Storm-Petrels, arriving from the 
Antarctic, also heading east; a smattering of Neotropical migrants re-orienting 
westward, highlighted by great looks at a Bay-breasted Warbler in overland 
flight; and enigmatic things that nobody understands, such six Red-bellied 
Woodpeckers and a Blue Jay flying westward, as though they had arrived 
overnight from over the ocean, like the warblers!

Shai Mitra
Bay Shore

[] on behalf of Joshua Malbin 
Sent: Sunday, May 15, 2022 8:43 PM
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Subject: [nysbirds-l] Cormorants moving

Nothing rare, but all day today we were watching vee-shaped flocks of 
Double-crested Cormorants apparently migrating over Jamaica Bay, all heading 
northeast. Flocks were 50 to 150 birds strong and just kept coming. Over the 
course of the afternoon we must have seen 2,000 or more.

Good birding,

Joshua Malbin
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