N.Y. County (in N.Y. City), including Manhattan, Randall’s Island, & Governors 
Thursday, June 2nd:

Cliff Swallow appears to have selected the site[s] at Randall’s Island for 
nesting, in N.Y. County; similarly with other N.Y. City counties, perhaps a 
trend that will increase; time may tell. [Thanks to A. Cunningham & others who 
have followed developments on that isle of the county!]  The other swallows 
here (in N.Y. County) include Tree, N. Rough-winged, and Barn, all of which are 
more numerous and more regularly seen on through the summer.  There is at least 
the *possibility* for Purple Martin to nest in N.Y. County, the more so if some 
nest-structures appropriate for that species were placed in areas where 
appropriate (and preferably, fully-protected!)

The following 16 American Warbler species were still present (or quite-late 
passing through) for Thursday, June 2nd in New York County.  ALL of the 16 
species were (also) present in one park, Central Park.  Many individuals of 
some of the more-numerous species were also found in other parks & 
greens-spaces.  At least 3 species are *potential* breeders - in N.Y. County.  
Some of the migrants are running a bit late, yet there are precedents for most, 
and likely all for early June appearances here.  There are also precedents for 
some of these, and other migrant species, to linger as lone ’singletons’ which 
may persist far into summer, and some even stay through to when ‘southbound' 
migration (which will start up in a few weeks from now) begins for this area.  
A fair no. of other types of birds can sometimes also fall into these 
categories, yet warblers are quite regular amongst the (locally) late-movers 
and some-time ‘lingerers'.

American Redstart* (while less likely than 2 noted-below, is a poss. breeder in 
N.Y. County, & in N.Y. City more-broadly)
Blackpoll Warbler (multiple)
Northern Parula  (multiple)
Yellow Warbler* (poss./potential breeder in the county)
Common Yellowthroat*  (poss./potential breeder in the county)
Northern Waterthrush  (multiple)
Magnolia Warbler  (multiple)
Canada Warbler (at least 2)
Ovenbird  (multiple)
Black-and-white Warbler  (multiple)
Black-throated Blue Warbler
Mourning Warbler  (multiple)
Blackburnian Warbler  (multiple)
Black-throated Green Warbler
Bay-breasted Warbler (at least 3)
Wilson's Warbler

[Note also for Friday, June 3rd, multiple Mourning Warblers are still passing 
and some of these are singing males, the ‘last’ of definite migrants that 
typically move through in numbers amongst the many Parulidae, hereabouts and in 
general for spring migration… there are also multiple other warbler spp. and 
some additional late-migrants still moving in this county.]

Scarlet Tanager[s] that are still around, esp. if lingering on, may be watched 
for any signs of pairing. The same of other species which could be -but are not 
well-known as- potential nesters for the county; that including the outlying 
isles besides just most-watched Manhattan and also besides the most-visited 
portions of most-popular parks.  ...   Thanks to all who are continuing to 
observe even as migrations have wound down; there are of course also 
courting/nesting birds all around us.

good birding to all,

Tom Fiore


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