Passing on the current status:

Nesting is CONFIRMED based on the observation of them carrying nesting
material (sticks) to the suspected nesting location.

The birds were seen this morning, Friday, June 10 after a no-show

They are in a rather heavily wooded residential neighborhood and tend to
disappear behind private houses and out of sight. But they will
occasionally fly up above the treetops and would then be visible from
public viewing places along the several winding residential roads in the

The neighbors, thus far, have been welcoming for the most part. But as
usual, care, courtesy, and concern should be displayed by all visitors.
That should go without saying. But bears a reminder.

The most favorable location to watch for these birds is near the
intersection of Meridian St and Ridge Ln which are off Ushers Road / off
Exit 10 of the Adirondack Northway (I-87)  in southern Saratoga County
(just north of Albany).

Good luck if you try for them and please keep us posted either through
eBird or the Hudson-Mohawk Bird Club website - or listserve

Richard Guthrie
New Baltimore,
The Greene County,
New York


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