I believe the Osprey nest there has failed. There was no evidence of the pair 
anywhere in the park and I spent more than half an hour there. I have seen at 
least one Osprey each time I visited the place.

I wasn't surprised with this failure, especially after I saw a couple of people 
sitting at the end of the pier (north of the nest) that is closed for public 
because of the construction. In addition to those, there were a couple who were 
walking on the rocks at the south side of the nest (which is fenced and 
supposed to be closed to public too).

A worker at the park told me few weeks ago that people keep breaking the law 
and nobody can do anything about it.

I feel sorry for this Osprey couple which wasted two and half months trying to 
have a family, but they spent most of their time away from the nest and 
eventually, the eggs hadn't hatched, in spite of over 73 days of intermittent 

I have two questions:

Frist: should this platform be removed completely, now that I don't anticipate 
any Osprey to be able to nest there? This pair could have nested just a half 
mile north of the park like what happened few years ago when a pair 
successfully had a family in South Brooklyn Marine Terminal. By removing the 
platform, we prevent another pair from trying and failing again.

Second: Should these eggs be collected for any research? I don't know if people 
collect raptors eggs from a failed nest.

Gus Keri


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