As a follow-up, for this section of the creek, it would almost certainly be
better and safer to try parking on Piermont Ave., on the north side of the
creek, and then looking down into the stream from there. That is a one-way
section with much less traffic than Ferdon.

Of course the heron has most often been seen farther east where Ferdon
crosses the stream, and there are other parking options if it is that far
east along the stream.


On Sun, Jul 24, 2022 at 15:36 Doug Gochfeld <> wrote:

> The continuing Great White Heron currently in the Sparkill Creek which
> runs parallel to and between Ferdon and Piermont Avenues.
> Currently viewing from a conveniently placed small gravel pullout  along
> the south side of Ferdon Avenue right at the “Welcome to Piermont” sign.
> This two lane road is relatively narrow, and this pullout can only support
> three cars.
> The bird is preening, standing on a log in the middle of the water.
> Parking pullout is here:
> 41.0326528, -73.9224291
> Good Birding
> -Doug Gochfeld. Brooklyn, NY.


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