Friends, I’ve erased most of the back-and-forth notes on borough boundaries at 
Jamaica Bay (I was XMas count compiler for Bklyn count for 26 years, have been 
through all that). 


I have one gentle observation – if the community put as much energy into 
insisting on a habitat management plan to return JBWR to its former ascendant 
glory, as on worrying over what county list a sighting might go on, our efforts 
might extend more positively into the future.


Yours in having protected Brooklyn’s East Pond/West Pond compromise line for 
all those years – but also having submitted habitat planning comments on behalf 
of NYC Butterfly Club,

Rick Cech


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Alas, my plans to up my Kings County list went awry as none of the shorebird 
rarities seen on the Brooklyn side of the West Pond was there today. And so I 
must remain patient. Shane Blodgett, came to mind today as I finally understood 
his persistence in waiting for a 2010 West Pond Black-bellied Whistling-Duck to 
cross over into Brooklyn’s territory 😬


As for the East Pond. Well, I decided to take a crack at the Northend this 
afternoon and it was a good decision. 22 species of Shorebirds is not too 


The highlights were: 




WILSON’s PHALAROPE (2 - adult and juvenile)

WHIMBREL (flyover) my second flyover bird of the season, also seen by Eric 
Miller and Jean Loscalzo. The bird was last seen heading across the road 
towards the West Pond.


Shorebird numbers have tailed off as to be expected; however, the diversity is 
increasing. Juvenile Least and Semipalmated Sandpipers numbers are up. Though, 
I have not seen any juvenile Western Sandpiper as of yet and it has been awhile 
since I was able to pull out any adult from the mass of “brown jobs” that now 
dominate the peep scene. Watch out for those big billed Semis.


Greater Yellowlegs remain sparse in numbers. Lesser Yellowlegs numbers are way 
down but counts remain somewhat decent, with several juveniles. Stilt 
Sandpipers are still showing in double digits but well down from weeks ago. A 
few juveniles are present as well.


White-rumped Sandpipers seem to favor the south east side of the pond but a few 
were up north this afternoon. Often heard as the flock of shorebirds wheeled in 
flight to avoid being a Peregrine snack. Be prepared for this when visiting; 
the Peregrines are known to make several passes and will disrupt the peace. 
Sometimes, ruining a good morning or afternoon if things up and leave the pond 
even if only temporary.


The Black-headed and Bonaparte’s Gulls are still around. Also many crisp 
looking juvenile Laughing, Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls as well.


Good August Shorebirding!


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