At Central Park, in Manhattan, N.Y. City the first sightings, by multiple 
highly experienced observers with reports submitted in eBird and confirmed 
there, of Hooded Merganser -two individuals on the reservoir- were from 
Wednesday, Oct. 25 this autumn season. Some sightings, in various fora, are 
occasionally reported as first-of, when the reporter intends the meaning as 
first of their own personal observation of the year, or of the season, and not 
first for the location by any persons.

There were, as on every recent day at Central Park, a broad rainbow of 
observers and photographers of at least one Yellow-breasted Chat that has been 
continuing thru Thursday. Some great photos were again made of one on Thursday 
10/26 in the chat-location, and said photos are available to all of the public 
in eBird, thus also archived in the Macaulay Libray, which are of course 
not-for-profit institutions/organizations.

Good birding,

Tom Fiore


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