We are experiencing weird issues from out of our internet break out in CHCH.  I 
don't want to drop our upstream in it so no names mentioned, but yes a ticket 
has been logged with them - this is just becoming urgent as it started .  Since 
I have done this I have had reports from other IT Service Providers that say 
their customers are experiencing the same thing.

Basically we can ping anything, but we cant web browse to wide range of certain 
sites (e.g. www.bnz.co.nz) - these would appear to be internationally hosted 
sites but I can't categorically state this.  We are getting SYN Timeouts almost 
like there is async routing somewhere way up stream or some random MTU issue.

I don't expect to have anyone solve the problem from this email, just a "yes 
there is an issue and we are experiencing it too and know XXX is working on it" 
would be helpful to know.


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