To add to Brent's note, since the pricing for secondary service is different, there's a process to follow when the primary service goes away and a secondary service needs to be promoted to primary. That process is, uh, less seamless than it could be, leaving the secondary provider with the possibility of having the service pulled from under them if they fail to react.

Even if it is handled cleanly, the cost price changes, which means that the ISP either has to go back to the customer with a price change, wear the increase in price, or have priced the service in as if it was a primary service in the first place, and been pocketing the difference.

When you're trying to prevent surprises, keep configurations simple, and unnecessary customer interactions to a minimum, that could well be a situation ISPs would want to just avoid despite the cost advantage of using secondary services.

-- don

On 08/10/2017 08:30 AM, Brent Marquis wrote:

It depends a lot on which products an RSP has “on-boarded” for with Chorus.

Subsequent services on the same ONT are called “Secondary Services” they have a different pricing construct, and sometimes, different features.

You can check out the secondary service options in the NGA technical guide here:

Happy to help describe this further, give me a shout off-list.


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Depends on combination on RSP policy. Chorus say that secondary services are limited, ie if primary service on ONT is 100/100M then secondary service will be 100/50M (Not sure if this is a scaled rule or a hard rule).

Some RSPs don’t accept this and will chose to install second ONT to get primary service specs.

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Hi guys. A shared server room has an active UFB service for another business on the floor. We want UFB service to our office too.

Is an additional ONT install needed (as I'm being told by <ISP>)? Or, can Chorus just enable another port on the existing ONT and have and then run a network cable out to both routers from one ONT? Is the ONT capable of multiple PPPOE sessions to the offsite hardware? Or is this just creating a problem that doesn't need to exist (- ie say yes to the second ONT install)?

Many thanks,
Paul Adshead.

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