Greetings everyone

I am looking for any short term work that may be available over the 
upcoming christmas period.  
I have been involved in software development for several years but in the 
last few years I have
and currently do hold a teaching position.  Being able to do industry based 
project work is of
high value to me as it will further inform my teaching.  I am experienced 
in Php, MongoDb, MySql, 
MVC in particular CakePHP.  My last piece of work was early 2016 developing 
a Job Board 
prototype to be used in-house.  The prototype made use of Angularjs, mvc 4, and Signal R for 
pushing near real time updates.  I am located in Hamilton and would prefer 
to work remotely 
for out of town work.  I warmly invite any offers

thank you very much


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