Author: chetanm
Date: Wed Aug  9 05:04:39 2017
New Revision: 1804489

OAK-6081 - Indexing tooling via oak-run

Document the --read-wrote option


 Wed Aug  9 05:04:39 2017
@@ -32,6 +32,20 @@ Depending on your setup you would need t
 Some commands may not require the BlobStore details. Check the specific 
oak-run command help to see if
 access to BlobStore is required or not. 
+## Read Write Mode
+By default most commands would connect to NodeStore in read only mode. This 
ensure that oak-run commands 
+can be safely used with productions setup and does not cause any side effect.
+For some operations read-write access would be required. This can be done by 
passing `--read-write` option.
+In read-write mode it should be ensured that Oak version from oak-run is 
matching with Oak version used by
+application to create the repository. 
+A newer version of oak-run can read repository created by older version of Oak 
(as Oak is backward compatible)
+However if writes are done by newer version of oak-run (which is more recent 
than Oak version used by repository application)
+then it may cause issues due to change in storage format.
 ## NodeStore
 ### SegmentNodeStore
@@ -43,6 +57,9 @@ repository content
 For setups prior to Oak 1.6 (which used older segment support) you would need 
to pass `--segment` option
 otherwise connection would fail
+If `--read-write` option is enabled then it must be ensured that target 
repository is not in use. Otherwise
+oak-run would not be able access the NodeStore.
 ### DocumentNodeStore - Mongo

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