Author: amitj
Date: Fri Aug 10 08:03:06 2018
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OAK-7705: Document the requirement to reset repository id for cloned systems



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 * Remove other files corresponding to the particular repositoryId e.g. 
`markedTimestamp-[repositoryId]` or 
+##### Reset Repository ID
+If any of the repositories sharing a DataStore is cloned then it would have 
the same `repositoryId` 
+registered in the datastore as the repository from which cloned and running a 
shared DSGC would lead to data loss/missing blobs.
+So, care must be taken to reset the `repositoryId`. 
+cli utility has a `resetclusterid` command to reset the repository id.
+The command can be executed as below and more details can be found at the 
+for oak-run:
+`java -jar oak-run.jar resetclusterid < repository path | Mongo URI >`  
 <a name="consistency-check"></a>  
 #### Consistency Check
 The data store consistency check will report any data store binaries that are 
missing but are still referenced. The 

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