I thought even in Jackrabbit 2.x, the "test" was assumed to be a type and
automatically converted to "@test"... Maybe I'm wrong.

What should work (for both Jackrabbit 2.x and Oak) is using
"test/@jcr:primaryType" instead of "test". So:

        [@jcr:createdBy='admin' and test/@jcr:primaryType]


On 07/10/16 17:42, "Roy Teeuwen" <r...@teeuwen.be> wrote:

>Hey all,
>Seeing as I don¹t seem to find a oak-users to subscribe to, I¹m going to
>post the question here:
>When doing the following XPath query in JCR 2, it would select me all the
>nodes that has a subnode named test. But since oak, this query does not
>work anymore. Is there a reason this stopped working or a way to make it
>work again
>Some query example:
>/jcr:root//*[test] or
>and test]

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