Hello everyone,

as Jackrabbit and Oak are tightly related it makes sense to think out a
joint roadmap.

A year is approaching since we released Oak 1.4 and with the team we
spoke about possible dates for the releases.

Here's the proposal. Dates are tentative as we always aim for quality
rather than date and may slip here and there according to the situation.

5th Dec
  - Release Oak 1.5.15
  - Commit slow down and risk control starting on Oak and Jackrabbit

9th Jan:
  - Branch and release Jackrabbit 2.14.0
  - Consequently update Oak to such version

16th Jan:
  - Release Oak 1.5.18
  - It should include JR 2.14.0+

30th Jan
  - Branch and release Oak 1.6.0
  - Bi-Weekly unstable cut temporary suspended while we focus on
  - Oak 1.8, 1.7.x development cycle commence


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