Stefan Egli commented on OAK-4581:

One additional note: should we choose to go the I-B route (queue in 
ChangeProcessor), then this improvement will not become usable by Sling's 
ResourceChangeListener - as that has switched to using an OakResourceListener 
(based on Oak's recommendation to do so, see SLING-3279) and directly bases on 

> Persistent local journal for more reliable event generation
> -----------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: OAK-4581
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OAK-4581
>             Project: Jackrabbit Oak
>          Issue Type: New Feature
>          Components: core
>            Reporter: Chetan Mehrotra
>            Assignee: Stefan Egli
>              Labels: observation
>             Fix For: 1.6
>         Attachments: OAK-4581.v0.patch
> As discussed in OAK-2683 "hitting the observation queue limit" has multiple 
> drawbacks. Quite a bit of work is done to make diff generation faster. 
> However there are still chances of event queue getting filled up. 
> This issue is meant to implement a persistent event journal. Idea here being
> # NodeStore would push the diff into a persistent store via a synchronous 
> observer
> # Observors which are meant to handle such events in async way (by virtue of 
> being wrapped in BackgroundObserver) would instead pull the events from this 
> persisted journal
> h3. A - What is persisted
> h4. 1 - Serialized Root States and CommitInfo
> In this approach we just persist the root states in serialized form. 
> * DocumentNodeStore - This means storing the root revision vector
> * SegmentNodeStore - {color:red}Q1 - What does serialized form of 
> SegmentNodeStore root state looks like{color} - Possible the RecordId of 
> "root" state
> Note that with OAK-4528 DocumentNodeStore can rely on persisted remote 
> journal to determine the affected paths. Which reduces the need for 
> persisting complete diff locally.
> Event generation logic would then "deserialize" the persisted root states and 
> then generate the diff as currently done via NodeState comparison
> h4. 2 - Serialized commit diff and CommitInfo
> In this approach we can save the diff in JSOP form. The diff only contains 
> information about affected path. Similar to what is current being stored in 
> DocumentNodeStore journal
> h4. CommitInfo
> The commit info would also need to be serialized. So it needs to be ensure 
> whatever is stored there can be serialized or re calculated
> h3. B - How it is persisted
> h4. 1 - Use a secondary segment NodeStore
> OAK-4180 makes use of SegmentNodeStore as a secondary store for caching. 
> [~mreutegg] suggested that for persisted local journal we can also utilize a 
> SegmentNodeStore instance. Care needs to be taken for compaction. Either via 
> generation approach or relying on online compaction
> h4. 2- Make use of write ahead log implementations
> [~ianeboston] suggested that we can make use of some write ahead log 
> implementation like [1], [2] or [3]
> h3. C - How changes get pulled
> Some points to consider for event generation logic
> # Would need a way to keep pointers to journal entry on per listener basis. 
> This would allow each Listener to "pull" content changes and generate diff as 
> per its speed and keeping in memory overhead low
> # The journal should survive restarts
> [1] http://www.mapdb.org/javadoc/latest/mapdb/org/mapdb/WriteAheadLog.html
> [2] 
> https://github.com/apache/activemq/tree/master/activemq-kahadb-store/src/main/java/org/apache/activemq/store/kahadb/disk/journal
> [3] 
> https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/tree/master/core/src/main/java/org/elasticsearch/index/translog

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