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> *>4 p1: Saying asymmetric signatures are RECOMMENDED presupposes that key
> distribution is the implementer’s primary concern. MAC-based
> implementations shouldn’t be seen as some weird edge case scenario (though
> it’d be worth including some Security Considerations text calling out the
> key distribution challenges when dealing with loosely coupled ASes and
> RSes).*
> In the spirit of achieving the simplest, most actionable core interop
> profile, with as little left as exercise to the reader as possible, I would
> prefer to keep symmetric keys out of scope.
> Although you are right that MAC-based implementations have a role to play
> in the OAuth2 ecosystem, key distribution is a problem left to the
> developer to solve; and all* the sample JWTs ATs I got from the providers
> I worked with were signed with discoverable keys.*
> Again, that doesn’t mean that MAC-based implementations shoulnd’t be used:
> only that this profile focuses on a solution that is as close to turnkey as
> possible for developers, and that requests as little delta as possible to
> providers already using JWT for their ATs.

I'm not trying to re-litigate the decision or question consensus but I will
ask that you don't use the justification that "all the sample JWTs ATs I
got from the providers I worked with were signed with discoverable keys"
because I explicitly included several example JWT ATs in the samples that I
provided that were using AEAD symmetric encryption, which is similar to
MAC-based but with the added benefit of confidentiality of the claims

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