This note simply to remind any interested people about
the petition.  Please let others know that are not on
the OBC List.

thanks all,

my original note >>>

I have created a petition to request the board provide
a link to Celia's TT website for all TT participants
to have the use and benefit of.  Since the board has,
to date, been unwilling to listen to the many requests
to provide a link to this quality site, I now have a
petition which has now circulated at the WTT and Open

Should anyone like to read and sign the petition,
please let me know, and I will ensure to get a copy
over for your review.

I know there has been much support for Celia
throughout, but it seems we now need to consolidate
this view.  If you are aware of any who are not
members of the OBC-List who would be interested also,
please pass along this message on my behalf.

much thanks,

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