SKLAD’s AIR program gives artists and researchers a unique opportunity to work in a region with a rich and diverse history. Organised by SKLAD cultural center, the program aims to provide a framework for cultural and artistic creation and dialogue. In the process, it hopes to contribute to debates about social issues as well as to the development of the artistic scene in Abkhazia, raise awareness about the region and foster international exchange.


The residency program is designed around a yearlong theme that residents are invited to explore. Submissions do not have to relate unquestionably to the theme, but proposals that react to it will be prioritised. For its first edition, the general theme is the ARCHIVE. Taking place in a region where cultural institutions were largely destroyed and many memories erased or forgotten, the residency program hopes to symbolically fill this void by working with and bringing to life memories and new works.While all types of media and art forms are welcome, projects with a collaborative and research component will be favoured.


Every year, up to 6 artist/researchers working with non-academic formats will be selected for stays of minimum 2 weeks used for research and production. At the end of each stay, the artist /researcher is expected to present her or his work in the form of an exhibition, a presentation or a workshop. Residencies take place between February and May and between September and November. Each resident will be provided with:


- Assistance for the work prior and during the stay, including organising visits and trips

- Accommodation

- Transport to/from the border

- Assistants/translators (if needed)

- A 150 sqm. workshop/exhibition space

- Publicising the artist’s event (workshop/exhibition/presentation) 

- Help with the visa process and regarding procedures concerning Abkhazia

- A small budget for the purchase of material will be discussed individually.


Relying on grants and run by volunteers as the first organisation of its kind in Abhazia, SKLAD is currently unable to cover any additional costs such as travelling and living cost. A total contribution of 200 euros is asked of each artist upon arrival in order to cover accommodation costs. SKLAD’s goal is nevertheless to collaborate with talented and curious practitioners; in case this cost presents difficulties, the issue can be discussed on a case by case basis. SKLAD can provide invitation letters for artists looking for additional funding.



Prior to submitting their proposal to SKLAD-AIR, artists are encouraged to address the organisers to learn more about the situation in Abkhazia and assess the feasibility of their projects. Applicants should also inform themselves of the possible risks involved in coming to Abkhazia.


The first organization of its kind in Abkhazia, Sklad encourages the exploration of cultural, social and historical issues, but it refuses to serve any political purpose.




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