> Exactly so. The bug is that you declared ‘setScale’ in your protocol with
the wrong return type. It’s a weakness of Obj-C that its dynamism prevents
the compiler from statically checking return types in all cases, and float
vs. double is one of the particularly dangerous cases.

I get what you're saying, and agree it was bad to have the protocol have
the wrong type--- but I still am at a total loss as why that still resulted
in the correct values getting passed around on 64-bit iPhone 6 and iPhone
6+ devices.  Why would that behavior be different just on an iPad pro?

> If your game library uses float consistently, you should generally use
float throughout your code,
> too. If you had been using Sprite Kit, you would generally use CGFloat
throughout your code,
> because that’s what it uses.

Yeah unfortunately the game library uses CGFloats AND floats all over the

Patrick J. Collins
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