Hello !
OBM 2.2.18 has been released.
It provides mainly fixes on calendar ICS export, CSV user import and LemonLDAP 
Enjoy !
Changelog detail

 #844 [Control] Dashboard information are not separated by domains #869 
[Contact] Vcard import/export does not handle coords correctly #908 [sso] Group 
and resources forms are broken #911 [sso] Groups broken in LemonLDAP lib, 
of_usergroup is no longer updated #912 [User] Batch processing: CSV format 
should be verified #927 [sso] LemonLDAP - Users aren't removed from group they 
unsubscribe #963 [sso] LemonLDAP lib should be able to manage multiples email 
addresses  #985 [RPM] Invalid path reference for auto directory #987 [sso] 
LemonLDAP user creation is broken in 2.2.17 #1008 [Calendar] ICS Export null 
priority #1010 [Calendar] ICS Import : Problem with all day event #1022 [User] 
Password generation should be modified
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