ALQUIER Vincent pisze:
> Paweł Tęcza a écrit :
>> Hello again,
>> Pierre and Vincent, thank you very much for your reply!
>> If I understood correctly architecture of OBM/MiniG, I need to use
>> PostgreSQL for MiniG, but for OBM I can choose whether I want to use
>> MySQL or PostgreSQL. Am I right?
> Exactly !

I'm glad :) Thanks!

>> If so, what's you opinion about using only PostgreSQL for both OBM and
>> MiniG? Is it a good idea? Could you please point me any document about
>> best practices for OBM/MiniG?
> It's probably better to use Postgre for both OBM and MiniG if you install them
> on the same machine...
> But historically, most of the actual users prefers mysql for OBM.

Thank you! It's good to know it. I've installed both MySQL and
PostgreSQL on the same virtual server (Debian Lenny as KVM guest). It
works well, so probably I'll leave MySQL alone :)

Now I have only one host for testing your OBM/MiniG, but I'm going to
build distributed architecture with a few load-balanced SMTP/POP/IMAP
front-ends and redundant/replicated database/LDAP nodes.

> The best document you can find about installing OBM is available here :
> You can have an overview of the OBM architecture complexity.

Thanks! I've seen that document. It looks complexly, but I hope I'll
learn OBM soon :)


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