Dari news letter-nya Steve Nisson. semoga bermanfaat..


Hi JsxTrader,

Ask yourself these questions now.

And be honest with yourself.

"Have you ever been scared about entering a trade because you had a recent

"Did the fear of losing keep you from entering a trade - only to find the
trade would have worked out?"

"Have you ever closed a position sooner than you should have, out of fear?"

Most traders answer YES to most of these questions.

Heck, even just one of them can cause disaster to your profits.

But it's not your fault.

This kind of stuff is going on inside all of us, all the time.

It affects all sorts of life decisions.

But when you trade, the results are a lot more obvious.

Good success comes from getting control of this "Inner Trader" part of

Yes, it can be done.

Smart traders are getting control all the time.

And you can do it, too.

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