Thanks for sharing Mr Fred. GBU

Frederick Schubert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Ms. banking...what a name...
it is a good question and only God knows how to answer it....
Anyway, if we have good observation over fund flows including scheduled of bonds issue and maturity either in domestic and world markets you will be the champion in investment...This will lead you to know than some hedged funds that were coming in to the jakarta market (in example) when the main index hit its three month low of 1274 on June 14 will have its maturity done by Sep 14, meaning some selling pressure could occur by that date... bear in mind that, the hedged fund only need a 3% to 6% margin to get out of our market....the percentage margin means hundred of millions dollar...(amazing, rite..?) so, from now until Sep 14, the main index could move up and down by limited range of 5 and 38 points...
if you mean short time is days....i must say there should n\nothing to worry...but, let's see what market makers can do to stay alert ahead of the sep 14....
a disclaimer....thou...

"Ms. Banking" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Mr. Frederick, so meaning to say, u think probably there will be no BIG correction in JSX in a short time? Thanks for sharing with us.

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