The Undeclared Secrets that Drive The Stock Market by Tom Williams

140 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 0952346508

This book will help you to understand the stock market the easy way. The information will be a startling revelation to most readers. Newspapers, magazines, and television newscasters always appear to give authoritative statements on the latest stockmarket move, however you can never be told the real truth.

Most traders give little or no attention to how the stock market actually works because they believe that they already know how it works. The stock market is simple: it works on supply and demand like any other free market place; if there is more buying than selling then the market must go up, and conversely, if there is more selling than buying it must go down. In principle this is correct, but in practice it does not always work exactly the way it sounds.

This book not only explains why moves occur, but also how to recognise the underlying forces at work in the stock market. It shows you how to select individual stocks with limited information. Fundamental analysis, P/E ratios, advice from your broker, buy or sell recommendations from newspapers and magazines - these are the traditional ways of picking stocks, but there is a far better way to pick the right stocks while leaving the poor ones alone.

This book is the result of Tom Williams' 12 years trading in California combined with what Wyckoff had to say about volume. Readers should benefit immensely from the new and creative computer and non-computerised market timing indicators and thinking that Tom opens up.
Contents of The Undeclared Secrets that Drive The Stock Market

1. Market Overview
2. Supply and Demand
3. How to Read the Market
4. How to Tell if the Market is Strong or Weak
5. End of a Rising Market
6. Volume
7. Understanding Volume
8. What is Bullish or Bearish Volume
9. Testing Supply
10. What is Supply to the Left?
11. High Volume
12. Effort vs Results
13. End of Down Moves
14. Volume in Related Markets
15. Different Time Frames
16. 'News'
17. Manipulation
18. Trend and Trend Lines
19. Trend Clusters
20. Volume Near Trend Lines
21. Absorption Volume
22. Bull and Bear Markets
23. Professional Support
24. Bear Markets
25. What is Needed to Be a Good Trader?
26. What is a System?
27. Signs of Strength
28. Signs of Weakness
29. Check List Before Trading
30. Likely End to a Rally
31. Stock Selection
32. Point & Figure Charts

11 parts


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