Aimee CAN'T see no more how slow & retarded the process of conspiracy
clearing within SP & its alike.

With how tough the market has been underway nowadays, this case MUST be
tackled promptly & rightly.

How national stock market CAN BE further saved if the common investors
are poorly protected & appreciated.

In the Big General's Regime, there are people above the law BUT now
there should be more people en masse against them or it will continue to
be Zero Sum Game.

Let me be straight:

This long deflationary period WON'T last too long. By the 3rd Quarter of
this year, it will jump into INFLATION. This tight-preservation  of
interest rate of 'Wait & See' Game WILL eventually blow up & turn the
cycle around.

I have been in China for days & people have started to worry about the
2000 B currency reserve put in US Treasury. When the recession is going
further, the yield & benefit of it is only exercised for subsidizing the
Neverland's crisis. In turn, it CAN bubble inflation & spread throughout
the worlds.

When it occurs, the world's economy can be in the lost decade.
Properties, on the other hand, CAN'T be a safe-heaven as well. Yet,
infrastructure development is COSTLY. Precious metals might do save but
the world's economy is fixed in the Neverland's fiat currency and leave
other countries paralyzed.

Don't be fed up with how equity market has been on the way because the
truth is 'as the way it is'. It is still miles away to go up.

Meanwhile, let me recall again:

Clear up soon domestic homeworks before things fall any further.
Indonesia is in dire need of transitional figure who would stand up to
what they believe.

When times of up come along, only clear state of equity business
practices can guarantee IHSG to grow along its international benchmark

For dear investors, stick back to growth stocks, clean clean growth
stocks. Never be mystified by the reborn of cyclical stock.

For traders, hit & run will still be ON.


The United Kingdom of Kalingga, Java

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