I agree with u'r long global view of point, but it won't happened in the near 
future, right ? So No one beat somebody else... The market is always 
right..true ?
Let it be ..... and take it easy........
By the way, I'm with you. But in some point of view like selling gold ???? 
Dollar will be weak in a long run and I expect gold prices will be up to ~ 1200 
or even more in a short term. The Yankees may sell part of it reserved to get 
fresh money to cope with their Bail-Out Plan (What do you think where the money 
come from ???). 

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  No, you're NOT in deep shit. US is. ID is not. And damn you sound bit 
arrogant too :P. Had a winning position, perhaps? Well congratulation, that is 
what I expect from you. 

  I will beat you later. 


  2009/2/20 JT <jsxtra...@yahoo.com>

    Nah ini die...., what happen with the yell, yell yg beberapa lalu di
    teriakin OB'er 'Yes We Can', 'Sure We Can', etc... Again, we are already in
    deep shit.., and you know it is not gonna be easy to pass thru it..., jadi
    santai aja lah.


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    unveiled... (Buat Lalat muda !!!)

    obama said YES WE CAN.Thanx elaine


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