embah veryveryvery wise...as always...
salute to embah and manymanymany thanks for sharing and guide us your 
bandarmologi, embah!
mo cuan kagak cuan kalo gak ikut OB

--- On Thu, 4/16/09, jsx_consultant <jsx-consult...@centrin.net.id> wrote:

> From: jsx_consultant <jsx-consult...@centrin.net.id>
> El, it is a WONDEFUL task which God have given me to
> accomplish.
> I also see that you you enjoy this game as a wondefull and
> enjoying
> job.
> And because I am a senior interm of age, I try to do the
> best
> for all OB member, for the experience or beginners. So
> everyone
> here does not have to suffer the PAIN in the capital
> market.
> Embah has dedicated my life for OB, embah spend most of the
> time
> to serve this OB community. 
> I am always happy with this job because if I am not happy
> with
> this job, embah will nor stand working for almost 9 years 
> serving OB community untill now..
> I am not as smart as You or JT or everyone else in this
> community,
> but I am happy and proud as "I AM" as God has
> given me.
> Now, you know how happy I am and what make me happy.
> For stock pick, I know you know better than me lah, but
> for bandarmologi, I will do my best, becuase I spent a lot
> of time making research in this field...


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