if it hits 1738.. i am afraid it will ruin so many charts...hehehehe....

Santo Vibby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:            Kenapa gak sekalian ke 1738 
uncle FS ? Cuman nambah 20 point dari yang anda tawarkan koq hehehhe
  Well.. buat saya moment seperti ini yg bikin jantung saya sehat... kesempatan 
utk memanfaatkan naik turunnya sebuah harga dalam 1 hari ? Wah thx banget Uncle 
  But i'm sure there's a probabilities that JSX will touched 1680 tommorow than 
1718 of yours...disclaimer and  just a joke too 
    ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Frederick Schubert 
  To: obrolan-bandar@yahoogroups.com 
  Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2006 3:48 PM
  Subject: Re: [obrolan-bandar] Bear Season ?!?

  How about if I jack up the main index tomorrow by another 30 points.. and 
close at 1718..?
  would you have another bearish comment..?
  disclaimer....just a joke.....

Santo Vibby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
        Please.. beware of BEAR season...  Jika market ditutup dibawah 1709.. 
please be packed, lift ur skirt, and RUN DONT WALK !!
  Good Luck
  Note : 
  Disclaimer... decissions is your.. mau denger sukur, kaga jg gak masalah.. 
jgn cerewet ke saya ya :D

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