kalau betul juga ....mudah2an ratu sima mau menggantikan .........dan bang artomoro tetap menjalankan tugasnya sebagai jenderal....prof JT sebagai penasehat dan ilmuwan .......dan tentunya mbah sebagai inspirator........

Dari: Angela Purnomo <angelabo...@yahoo.com>
Kepada: obrolan-bandar@yahoogroups.com
Terkirim: Senin, 4 Mei, 2009 23:25:31
Topik: Re: [ob] My resignation letter to Embah and OB community..

Dearest El,...
You don't mean it, do you ?


--- On Mon, 5/4/09, Elaine Sui <elainesu...@gmail.com> wrote:

From: Elaine Sui <elainesu...@gmail.com>
Subject: [ob] My resignation letter to Embah and OB community..
To: jsx-consult...@centrin.net.id
Cc: obrolan-bandar-unsubscr...@yahoogroups.com
Date: Monday, May 4, 2009, 10:45 PM

Dear Embah & friends,

I know this sounds ridiculous,. .. but please allow me to resign. I've been here for more than two years, from the start of the nastiest bear attack, until the most aggresive bull rally today. I think I've served my purpose well for the community, especially for retail investors (the majority of OB members), so they won't get wiped out from the market. The bull market has been up and running, I feel that making a BUY call is like 700pts too late, so I leave that to other ppl here.

Hey, even monkeys can make money in bull market, right.. lolz..

Don't worry, it's a loooong bull run until 2012 and may continue until the next 10 years, but for now I'll try my best to have IDX make new high this year. Just be patient. Three years from now you'll be at least 5-10x richer than today. Invest now. Indonesia has a bright future and we expect it to be once again an Asian Economic Tigers in the upcoming years, so don't miss it.

See you later Embah, and all my friends in OB. It's been an honour to be here. Oh, and don't forget about your donation next Christmas, alright ? I may not be here but I will always remember you guys. From the deepest bottom of my heart, I'd like to say 'Thank you'.

God bless us all.

Elaine Sui

PS: Oh I almost forgot, I have a bonus for everyone. JT, please update your watchlist on MNC Group and its subsidiaries, potential ten folders.

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