maaf pak DE, 

ane kagak sempet nambahin tadi pagi,
 soalnya lagi ngetik di jalan, maklum rada susah ngetiknya.....


--- Pada Sen, 4/5/09, Dean Earwicker <> menulis:

Dari: Dean Earwicker <>
Topik: Re: [ob] Re: My resignation letter to Embah and OB community..
Tanggal: Senin, 4 Mei, 2009, 11:43 PM


      Lebih spesifik dong bos, BUMN Tambang gitu.. hehehehe..


2009/5/5 artomoro9 <artomo...@yahoo.>

Loh dikasi tugas buat "lanjutkan" malah pergi? Bukan karena gara gara saya ga 
kasi "space" kan?   mnc group? Apa gak lebih bagus bumn group? Saya bantu dah 
di bumn.  --- In obrolan-bandar@ yahoogroups. com, Elaine Sui <elainesui83@ 
...> wrote:


> *Dear Embah & friends,


> I know this sounds ridiculous,. .. but please allow me to resign. I've been

> here for more than two years, from the start of the nastiest bear attack,

> until the most aggresive bull rally today. I think I've served my purpose

> well for the community, especially for retail investors (the majority of OB

> members), so they won't get wiped out from the market. The bull market has

> been up and running, I feel that making a BUY call is like 700pts too late,

> so I leave that to other ppl here.


> Hey, even monkeys can make money in bull market, right.. lolz.. [?]


> **** Don't worry, it's a loooong bull run until 2012 and may continue until

> the next 10 years, but for now I'll try my best to have IDX make new high

> this year. Just be patient.** Three years from now you'll be at least 5-10x

> richer than today. Invest now. Indonesia has a bright future and we expect

> it to be once again an Asian Economic Tigers in the upcoming years, so don't

> miss it.


> ** See you later Embah, and all my friends in OB. It's been an honour to be

> here. Oh, and don't forget about your donation next Christmas, alright

> ? [?]I may not be here but I will always remember you guys.

> **From the deepest bottom of my heart, I'd like to say 'Thank you'. *

> *

> God bless us all.*


> *Elaine Sui


> **PS: Oh I almost forgot, I have a bonus for everyone. JT, please update

> your watchlist on MNC Group and its subsidiaries, potential ten folders.* [?]


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