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*Could you make clear what is meaning forget Mei ren ji & apply Lǐ dài táo
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*The beauty trap (honey trap) (traditional Chinese: 美人��; simplified Chinese:
美人计; pinyin: Měi rén jì)*

Send your enemy beautiful women to cause discord within his camp. This
strategy can work on three levels. First, the ruler becomes so enamoured
with the beauty that he neglects his duties and allows his vigilance to
wane. Second, other males at court will begin to display aggressive
behaviour that inflames minor differences hindering co-operation and
destroying morale. Third, other females at court, motivated by jealousy and
envy, begin to plot intrigues further exacerbating the situation.
Even though this has been done many times, perhaps the most famous
historical example is Xi Shi who was sent to the State of Wu during the
Spring and Autumn Period.

*Sacrifice the plum tree to preserve the peach tree (Chinese: 李代桃僵; pinyin:
Lǐ dài táo jiāng) *
There are circumstances in which you must sacrifice short-term objectives in
order to gain the long-term goal. This is the scapegoat strategy whereby
someone else suffers the consequences so that the rest do not.
Cao Cao of the Three Kingdoms Period demonstrated this strategy. During a
siege, Cao's supplies ran low so he called in the supply captain and told
him to dilute the rice with water to save grains. When the soldiers started
to complain, Cao ordered for the captain to be killed. He would explain to
his troops that the captain had been selling supplies to the enemy. This
raised the army's morale and they were victorious in a few more days.

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