Heheh. Dulu pak Bozs jualan di 11350, kalo dibeli lagi sama Pak Bozss sekarang 
untung berapa ya??


to be let go    195,000,000.00        
PX                11,350.00        
total              2,213,250,000,000.00        
to be let go    195,000,000.00        
PX                10,000.00       
total              1,950,000,000,000.00        
Profit            263,250,000,000.00     

Bozs: I want it at 14,000 damnit
Market: Sir, 15,000 is the maximum price for PGAS, we dont want 10% profit. We 
demand 50% at least.
Bozs: Goddamnit I want 14,000!!!
Market: No way, see it is going down and down. (Smurky smiles). (Whispering), 
Yo short another 50 million shares.


Bozs: 14,000 !!!
Market: No sir, can't do. Market is at 11,000. Please be reasonable. (On the 
other line), keep selling!!
Bozs: Okay, 5% premium.
Market: Discount, sir. We can't take that many shares. Too much liquidity.
Bozs: God damn it, have it your way, then... Geezs....
Market: We'll arange everything
 Sir, you won't have to worry bout anything.

Some Guy: I'll buy it all at 12150 tops.
Bozs: Yo sell it to this guy.
Market: (Panicked) Sir, that's against the rules. He doesn't even have an 
brokerage account. We cannot
                 allow such a thing.
Bozs: What!!!
Market: Please be reasonable. Just sell it to us. There is nothing to worry. 
Heh heh...
Market: Sir?
Bozs: Ah screw it, take it 11350.


Market: What the hell 9950???!!!!! Argrhhhh!!!!!!!!

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